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NPN ventured into the world of the printed word in 2002. We have both novels and poetry from Dan Burke and Leandro Vera.
Dan Burke
Living in North Beach for five years must have been an inspiration for Dan. While there, he wrote his first novel, Driving into the Sun (2003), which comes in at a whopping 260 pages of Bohemian adventure. During the same time frame he scribbled down a truckload of poetry. The best of that collection is now available in the form of For Fame or Fable (2003).
Leandro Vera
Leandro Vera has benefited from what he calls, "The Great Wash," during the turn of the millennium. His direct experience in multiple cultures and life experiments is the foundation for his writings. These learning can be found in his first NPN release Handshakingly Sinister Pleasantries (1999), a novel about the many corporate faces he played at the end of the millennium. NPN will also be releasing Dentynes and Tentacles (2000), a book of wide-ranging poems sometime this fall.


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