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San Diego, CA based Matter is a rock band with familiar roots. Alex Kagan, Mitch Dale, and members of The Bletchley Park Project joined forces in the spring of 2001 to record their debut album, Re-Creation. Although these songs were mainly detailed down south, much of the band's sound and style was pulled from past days of jamming on the Central Coast of California. These San Luis Obispo musicians shared a common bond and found their music and playing styles fit well together.

Matter's future, according to Alex Kagan, will have an ever-changing lineup for live performances, and be open to collaborating with other musicians that have been featured on the NPN label. "I want to explore different ideas and discover new things along the way. This philosophy will keep things fresh and
ensure a lot of diversity for our future musical endeavors." Matter is currently planning another album for the fall of 2002.

Re-Creation was written by veteran musician Alex Kagan over the course of the past five years. Some of the musical interpretations  found on this album were influenced by the dozens of Uncle Shinbone and Bletchley Park Project recording and mixing sessions he attended. "I wanted to capture what it was like to live in this small California town while working and enjoying so many talented souls. It was truly a magical time to be there. So I wrote these songs and drafted these players to add their own perspectives to my ideas." And so Re-Creation was born.

Alex Kagan and Mitch Dale crafted the body of this work, then brought it to Kevin Dickey and Jesse Hiller for further refinement. "We only had one evening to rehearse before we started recording, and we only got to 2 songs. But due to their closeness to the material these concepts took flight and became great rock songs."

streamlines several styles from the past. "Rather than spelling out these influences that I think are pretty apparent, I'm hoping that listeners will have their own perceptions, and allow these songs to become meaningful to their lives. These melodies are for pure enjoyment. That's what we were shooting for."


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Album Facts:
March, 2001 - April, 2001
December, 2001



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