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Leandro Vera was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 6, 1972. He was quickly carried over to the United States by his Argentine parents, and was raised in San Jose, California. Leandro has deep roots in both California and Argentine cultures, and he has grown through the many vines of culture and adaptation, and is now delivering to NPN the fruits of this foundation. Leandro has spent more than half of his time over the last five years traveling outside of his residence. We asked Leandro what he can tell us about his travels: "when you embark on a journey, you always have a sense of returning somewhere within your mind. This is a blanket we turn to for comfort in direct experience. I believe that we are all one people; it is the wild imagination of our minds that tricks us down so many diverse paths and fools us into thinking we are but a short flight away from home."
Handshakingly Sinister Pleasantries

Leandro wrote his first novel, entitled Handshakingly Sinister Pleasantries, between May and September of 1999. This novel takes an inside-out view at the multi-directional lives that can build and blossom during a short snap-shop of introspection. The work was delivered with urgency and was written almost exclusively from the blue and gray chairs of American Airlines' flight cabins.

Ride along side Augustine Sanchez as he whirls in and out of the lives of beautiful women, his long standing lover, two cities and a career exploding with lies and praise. This senior management consultant is pushing every boundary he can find during the summer of 1999. The question is, will they break before he does?


 "'In a place like The Lodge,' she said as she reached for a tiny black stirrer behind the bar, 'you find a nice drunk lady with big hair to stick this stirrer into. Like this.' She leaned over and quickly put the stirrer into a huge lady's pinned-up hair next to us, then pretended to dance crazy like the rest of the fools everywhere around us. Cory laughed vehemently. Peanuts cracked all around me mocking us. 'Now you guys try it.'"


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May-September, 1999
March 2005
Dentynes and Tentacles

If imagery succumbs to illusion, then why do we not call the gift of memory but a liar and a robber of the truth? Leandro's poems evoke the sense of mystery of emotion, and through his works we can allow the zenwaterfall to softly emerge into our minds and loosen. These poems are careless and wrought with the chaos and unpatterned texture of dreams and nature's elusive footsteps.

Dentynes and Tentacles is Leandro's first complete work of poetry. He is currently working on a book of prose entitled FingerTales.

Other Works By Leandro Vera

Leandro is the lead guitarist and co-author of The Bletchley Park Project.



Book Facts:
September, 1999-October, 2000
Coming to NPN soon!

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