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I Could Never Understand The Finer Points To Any Plan The Formulas Or Winning Hands That Break A Streak Like We’re Going Through

During the monsoon season, just before it rains, the Tucson air is infused with a soft dusty perfume of desert creosote bushes anticipating a heavy drink. The natives say it smells like home. With the familiar sites and smells of the desert, there is also a familiar sound. It's a sound so close that you may have only heard from within.

Tucson, AZ based Creosote brings these inner whispers about love, loss, desperation and truth to life in a soulful and accessible way with their music.

Jason Steed, a veteran of various Tucson area bands such as Dog and Pony Show, Naked Prey and Teddy Morgan, dreamt up the idea for a band named Creosote a few years ago on a road trip through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado after a relationship crash. The trip proved cathartic for Jason, and spawned a handful of honest American-rooted songs. By the time he got back to Tucson, Jason was ready to start looking for players to form Creosote.

Blacksmoke is a snapshot of the southwest. Songs like “It’s Over Now,” “Wish Upon a Satellite,” and “My Memory” highlight the band’s roots in country music. These songs are direct, straight-talking tracks with lyrics that are fitting for the most desolate barrooms in America. “Time the Lights,” “Hardly Can Remember” and “85” have an edgier feel that is reminiscent of Uncle Tupelo. “Black and Blue,” and “Wichita Savior” are moody and expansive emotionally, while “The Ballad of Whiskey and Tears” brings the record to an emotional peak with its bitter-sweet tale of love lost.

The record plays host to a number of Tucson musicians such as original band member Larry Vance (co-writer of "My Memory" and "Jericho"), Joe Burns (Calexico) and Tim Gallagher (a.k.a. Hank Topless) on pedal steel. Today, Chris Burroughs (guitar), Joe Peña (drums) and Duane Hollis (bass) currently round out the band's lineup.


Album Extras:

Liner Notes
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Album Facts:
March, 2005



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